Tree Trimming / Pruning

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Irvine, California

Our Tree Pruning Techniques

  • Thinning Thinning a tree’s canopy allows more light to penetrate it’s interior. The effect is a strengthening of the tree’s interior structure and an increase in trunk diameter. It also helps prevent disease and infection by increasing airflow.
  • Structural Pruning Often a tree will seek out sunlight by growing laterally in excees. They may grow multiple trunks, excessively large or long lateral branches and often have too many branches originating from one point. The goal of structural pruning is to give the tree a single, dominant trunk with evenly spaced branches. This ensures a healthier and longer life.
  • Canopy Reduction If your tree has outgrown its alloted space, it might be time for a canopy reduction. This technique consists of trimming the outer edges of the canopy to reduce its size.
  • Lifting Ever hit your head on a branch while walking down the sidewalk? It’s no fun. Lifting let’s us increase the clearance at the bottom of trees.
  • Crown Cleaning Crown cleaning is the practice of removing dead, dying, broken defective and diseased limbs from the tree.

Tree Pruning Techniques to Avoid

  • Over thinning
  • Lionstailing
  • Flush cuts
  • Topping
  • Over lifting

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